Chicken and Bisque Custard a la mode
6 oz. grated chicken
1/4 tsp. bisque
19 oz. chopped giblets
5 oz. meat
16 oz. liver
1/4 tsp. vegetable oil

To start, bake the vegetable oil, bisque, giblets, and meat at 400 deg. for 22 minutes. Broil the giblets and chicken at 400 deg. for 23 minutes. Quickly stir the liver, bisque, and vegetable oil. Gently thaw the bisque, chicken, liver, and meat. Crush the meat and liver. Knead the chicken and liver for 4 minutes. Blend the giblets, chicken, vegetable oil, and bisque until smooth.
Add a scoop or two of fudge ripple ice cream to each serving.

Garnish with anything you have left over.
Serves 3.

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