From a Nerds for Jesus  forum welcoming new members...

Keeper (forum admin): Welcome STUPID! Strange name for a handle, but welcome to the team, the more the merrier.

Jogar: What's wrong with my handle? And I've been a member of this team for ages, you know that. ???

Keeper: Is that you? Caught me off guard, well in that case, "I'm with STUPID." :)

Caballo: LOL

Jogar: No no, I don't know who STUPID is. Unless it's the forum administrator, perchance? I know *what* it is though... STUPID is as STUPID does!

Fletch: I may be stupid, hopefully not an idiot...

Keeper: OK then, will the real STUPID please stand up?

Jogar: This is the best thread ever.

More stupidity!